"Planning a bit of a bash and want help to fuel the fun and capture it all forever in print? If so, our photobooth could be just what you're looking for!"

Our photo booths are a little bit like juicers... You fill them up with people, and hey presto their personalities are extracted! It's pretty awesome to watch and certainly helps the party atmosphere along very nicely indeed.

We 're still not sure what makes a person change so much behind a curtain, and to be honest we don't question the special powers of our booths – we just think that they're a bit amazing. They take up so little space and fit in with every crowd, becoming full to bursting with fun & merriment quicker than you can say "a glass of wine please", providing some truly juicy images to remember your special event!

So... if you are planning something wonderful, please hire us and let us come along and juice it for you. We are very well behaved at social events, we mind our P's & Q's, we don't say what, we say pardon, and we don't slurp our lemonade. We are especially well behaved in front of children, and we always find they love our booths at their birthday shindigs just as much as adults do.