Most of the common questions we get are listed below but feel free to contact us on or 07824 357949 for more info.

What is a photo booth ?

Good question. A photo booth is a lightweight aluminium frame covered in a skin that can be tailored to your individual requirements (for an extra cost). Its a fully enclosed unit that can hold 5 people comfortably at a time and once they draw the curtain all sorts of personalities emerge! The booth is driven by a 23 Inch touchscreen PC. Just follow the onscreen instructions which even my dad can follow! You can choose between video and photos, colour and black and white. The system will then take 4 different photos with a 5 second delay between each one allowing you to change your pose and expression to look even more daft, and within seconds of the last shot being taken, a 6x4 print will appear for your guests to keep. There is no cost to your guests and they can take as many photos as they like. Just be warned, there will be a queue to use it!

What size is a photo booth and where can it be installed?

Our biggest booth is 2m long x 1.5m wide x 2.3m high which is small enough to fit in most rooms but big enough to take 5 people at a time. We will need a little space for your guests to collect their prints and queue (and trust me they will!) It will arrive in a wheeled flight case that will fit through an average doorway. All we need is a 13 amp plug socket to power the computer and lights. It'll generally take 30 minutes to get up and running but best to allow an hour. Please check with your venue that these requirements can be accommodated.

Our Photobooths can be installed 'outside' as long as it's not going to get wet. A perfect example would be a marquee although the floor will have to be level and safe access to an electric supply will be required.

How much does it cost?

The photo booth costs £475 for up to 4 hours hire. This includes delivery (although if we are travelling hundreds of miles there may be extra costs), installation, at least one booth Butler (to ensure your night runs perfectly), props box, all photos printed on the night, a DVD of all images, videos and one 1000mm x 320mm print containing some of the best pictures taken on the night. Extra hours, DVD's and prints can be ordered at extra cost.

What are the photos printed on?

The photos are printed on an extremely fast Dye Sub Printer not some cheap inferior Ink Jet Printout. The printer itself costs around £1000! Prints take about 9 seconds to appear and are of professional quality.

What is Green screen and can your Photobooths do this?

Green screen is where we use a green background that can then be superimposed with a background image such as a fantastic beach, mountain range, George Clooney or your company's logo. The possibilities are endless. If we have to buy an image for you to use there will be a cost to this.

Are your Photo Booths capable of video?

Yes they are - Your guests can choose colour photos, black and white photos or video from the touchscreen menu once they are inside the booth.

What photographic equipment is used in the booth?

Unlike other companies, our Photo Booths use Professional level Canon cameras and 'L' series professional lenses. We do not use webcams or consumer level equipment, this means your once in a lifetime images are captured at the highest possible quality.

How do I book?

Simple! Go to the contact page on this site or contact Alternatively call on 01472 859543

Are there any other costs?

We have priced the hire to include everything you and your guests need to have a fantastic night. That said, you or your guests may wish to think about a few extras:

  • Extra Prints after the event
  • Additional 1000mm x 320mm collage print
  • Additional DVD's
  • Branding the photo booth to your specific design or theme. We are affiliated with a well established printing company so you can be assured of a competitive price!
  • Pop up 'exhibition' stand that can be personalised with a message from yourselves
  • Walk around event photographer

What Photobooths do you offer?

We can supply a fully enclosed seated booth, a fully enclosed standing booth or a Photopod which does everything the photo booth can do only it's not enclosed - this means you can fit many more people in the shot and include what's happening on the dance floor in the background!

Can my guests see the photos after the event?

Yes they can. There is a secure website where they can login with a username and password and they can access the photos. Alternatively they can contact you and get the images from your DVD. You can see this on the event gallery page.