We can make any event juicy and fun..


Ultimately, what makes a party great is creating a GREAT GUEST EXPERIENCE.

Our photobooths make your guests feel like they are a part of something fun and fabulous. They help set the tone and create that all important experience. If your party is themed, we can brand the booth to fit in with the theme. Your guests will jump into their cabs at the end of the evening having had the time of their lives at the party of the year, armed with an instant memory of it captured in print from the photo booth you cleverly thought of hiring from us.


Everyone wants their wedding to be a great event. A great wedding is what YOU make it. But how are you going to make your guest's memories of your special day stand out from every other reception they've ever been to?

The secret to this (well it's not really a secret, more of a solid & proven idea) is to hire a photo booth for your guests. Our photobooths give your guests something to break the ice with other guests, and are great at keeping children entertained. They're also brilliant at filling that quiet gap between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception with fun.

Weddings are usually designed to be a reflection of who you are individually, and as a couple. We can brand our photobooths in any way to work with your theme, or personalise them with images of the bride and groom.

Corporate events

Christmas parties, Conferences, Promotions, Client events, Product Launches, In-store promotions, Award ceremonies...

Whatever the corporate event you're planning, our photobooths fully engage with attendees and provide a backdrop for conversation.

We can also fully brand our booths with your corporate identity.